The Fuur Collection

The Fuur Collection

What is The Fuur Collection ( in danish: Fuur Samlingen).

The Fuur Collection is a private collection of local-history and genalogical information. The collection is concentrated around one single parish, the island Fur (older form: Fuur) in Denmark. The island is located in the fjord Limfjorden in the northern part of Jutland.

The collection cover the period from the 16th century until today.

The collection is specially concentrated around the inhabitants of Fuur, their houses and farms.

The purpose of The Fuur Collection is to collect historical evidence and information, as complete as possible.

Based on this information, the history of the farms and houses of Fuur, as well as the genealogy of the total population will be developed.

The work is done in close contact with Fuur Museum.

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